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A Great Way To Practice Gratitude Daily

A Great Way To Practice Gratitude Daily

Published on July 17, 2019

As a leader, it’s important that we stay grounded, and one of the best ways to do that is to be thankful for those that have help us reach out potential, those you have encouraged us, those that have poured into us. Having a time to reflect and a place to write down your thoughts and those list of people in our life that have made a difference can keep us grounded.

Over my career I’ve used many different journals, day-timers and planners. From a homemade journal to the Palm Pilot, to my iPad to what I have found to be the best planner out there. My problem was not having everything in one place. That was until I found Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner.

I love this planner, it gives me a place to outline my annual goals, then a place to breakdown those key goals into quarterly goals. The goals are further broken down into your summary, motivation for the goal, the next steps you need to take and the reward to accomplishing your goal. My mentor John Maxwell says that “a person success is determined by his daily agenda.” This planner allows me to outline my daily rituals that can help me lead to the success I am striving to achieve.

At the beginning of each week, there is a section that allows for you to reflect on your wins from the past week, what worked for you, what do you need to focus on for the upcoming week and where do you need to make improvements.

As most planners do, it has your day to day planner included as well. I love this portion of the planner, it helps you focus on “Your Daily Big 3”, the most important items that need to be accomplished that is critical for you to meet your goals. In addition, it has a To Do List for the daily activities. Each day there is a note section for that time of reflection. I use this area for writing down what were my key learnings for me during the day, key quotes that I heard, those nuggets of knowledge we come across and soon forget, and for what and who I’m grateful for that day.

Our lives are filled with so many electronics these days, there is something to be said when we truly write down our goals, activities and for what we are grateful for that helps seat those thoughts and aspiration into our mind and our heart.

I would encourage you to check this planner out at

Arthur M. May AIA Assoc. President


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