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Thanks for wanting to find out a little bit more about who I am.

I started Harvest Business & Leadership Development after a 33-year career in the architectural and residential development industry. Having been integral in building several national and international architectural firms and a major residential multifamily development company, it was time for a new season in my life.

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Initially, I thought I would retire from being a partner of a great company and go off into the sunset to play golf, sail, and fly fish. But something stirred inside of me about a year before retiring, a deep longing to have a more significant impact in people's lives, helping them to find purpose, meaning, and becoming a better version of themselves. To help them harvest their brilliance in business and ministry. The thing is, I've been doing this my whole career. But there was something different, something more to it.


Being a man of faith, I felt that I was being called to action. Called to have more purpose and impact on those I came in contact with. More than just designing and building homes across the country.   


I created this business...

  • out of my passion for mentoring, my passion to be a leader of change, out of my passion for serving, growing, and bring value to others. While at the same time continuing to grow me.

  • to come alongside you in growing and help bring greater awareness of your hidden skills and assets in your firm.


  • to become a transformational leader, in helping you to achieve your vision, goals, and dreams for the future as an individual as well as organization.


  • because I know first-hand what it's like to manage all the different aspects of running a successful businessto know where to focus, to grow a team, to invest in those who make you and your business successful, to make the hard decisions, to start over, to find the right team member(s), to trust others and have them trust you.

You see, I'm not just another advisor, coach or consultant that comes into your business with untested theories. Our philosophy applies to  every industry whether it is a mortgage company, development company or design firm. I come alongside you with years of tested and also failed experiences. I bring to the table years of hands-on experience in building and running successful companies including everything from being a partner with both national and international architectural firms to being a corporate executive of multi-million dollar development companies. 


I've been fortunate to have some great men personally mentor me such as John Maxwell, Dan Sullivan, Darren Shirlaws, Rick Warren and Paul Martinelli. Men who have challenged me and taught me leadership is not about being in charge, but it's caring and growing those that are in our charge.   


So, if you are ready to either take yourself or your entire company to a new level, we can help. If it's walking alongside you in developing your leadership skills, creating a strategic plan for your company, or working with your team in moving them from breakdown to breakthrough … then let's talk. 

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