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Arthur M. May

Art is the President of Harvest Business & Leadership Development, a professional business coaching, and training company that supports enterprises throughout the cycle of their business journey. 

Art is an experienced and professional speaker, trainer, and business development advisor, working with individuals and companies in the areas of leadership development, professional & personal growth, and Neuroscience of Human Behavior. His expertise focuses on asset development while helping his clients leverage their strengths, overcome obstacles and experience unprecedented growth. 

Trained and mentored by leading experts such as John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Dan Sullivan, Tony Cooper, Darrin Shirlaws, and other coaching leaders. Art is uniquely equipped with the tools, resources, and experience to help companies and their teams improve their productivity, performance, and profitability. 

Art brings over 33 years of experience as a building & design industry leader in building and leading multi-million-dollar development and architectural companies. Art is exceptionally qualified to lead individuals and companies from breakdowns to breakthroughs, by creating a leadership foundation for sustainable personal and professional growth. While helping his clients to shift their perspective and unveil hidden assets in their firms. Allowing them to achieve their vision, goals, and dreams for the future as a world-class leader and organization.


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Being at the helm of an organization can be lonely—it can also be inspiring, exhilarating, and challenging.
How you lead makes all the difference. Certainly, every leadership position has its challenges and stresses, how you meet them will determine your quality of leadership, the quality of your life, and the success of your team & organization.


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John C. Maxwell

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